What to Do if You Damage Your Dentures

Dentures offer a tooth restoration option for people who are missing their natural teeth. However, dentures can become damaged over the course of time. There are many ways that dentures can become damaged. Sometimes it takes nothing more than handling them roughly that causes damage. If you drop dentures, this can also cause cracks and their problems.

Make sure you take extra precaution to prevent damaging your dentures. You want to protect them and your smile and wallet, after all, and being careful makes a big difference! They can last as long as eight years with proper care. Make sure to handle dentures with care and wash them after taking them out of your mouth. Place them in a cleaning solution and do not use abrasive toothpaste or chemicals on the dentures.

These things can reduce the risks of damaging the dentures. But sometimes accidents happen despite our best efforts.  If you damage dentures, what should you do?

First, assess the damage caused to the dentures. You may not need any additional help if the damage is minor. Most people should call the dentist to schedule denture repair west melbourne. Dentists have the tools and expertise to resolve any problems that have caused your dentures to look or feel unappealing or unsafe.

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The costs of denture repair vary from one service to the next. Sometimes insurance will cover the fees but again this depends on the type of damage and other factors. Rest assured that the costs of a denture repair will not put too large of a dent in the bank account even if insurance does not cover the fees. The best dentist provides his customers with great deals and quality services so do not settle for less.