5 Reasons to Play Golf

Do you want an activity that gets you outside, that doesn’t require physical activity, but lasts and lasts? Sounds like the game of golf is one that you should try. No matter your age or background, golf is a fun game with plenty of rewards and benefits for players. Take a look at our top five reasons why playing golf at one of the awesome asheville nc golf resorts is a great idea.

1.    Soak up the Sun: When you play golf, getting outdoors for the day is simple. You can easily soak up the sun and all of that great Vitamin D as you get physically fit and improve your health.  If you want a great tan, that is also a perk that comes with getting out there in the sun.

2.    Competitive: We all have the need to compete every now and again. Golf is an exceptional game that allows the chance to compete without all of the rigmarole that some sports and games create. You can have fun without physical contact sports.

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3.    Exercise: it is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle if you want to be your healthiest. When golf is a part of the day, you get plenty of exercise each time you are on the greens.

4.    Health Benefits: People who golf live longer, healthier and happier lives. They’re less stressed and feel less sadness and depression. Golf improves cardiovascular health and health. In other words, golf can change your life!

5.    Fun for the Family: Do you want an activity that you can do with the kids? You’ll love the fun that golf provides for people of all ages. Guys, girls, kids and adults all share a love for this fascinating game.

This day is the first of many fun adventures when golf is a part of the plan.